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100 Women Who Care

Name: 100 Women Who Care Client: 100 Women Who Care Annapolis Valley Category: nonprofit Website: 100 WWC

Philanthropy Web Design

The 100 Women Who Care – Annapolis Valley is one of a handful of Nova Scotia groups dedicated to an effective and efficient way of supporting small charities. Founded in 2013 by Paula Huntley of Kentville, NS, the 100WWC is an amazing group of women that I’m proud to be a part of.

The website

When I offered to help with the digital media of the group, there was no website, only a facebook page. I set up a brand new wordpress site and Twitter page, and that was the beginning of the fun.

As a “non-organization”, the 100 Women group is not a charity itself. It has no administration per se, or regular expenses; it acts as a facilitator for bringing together potential donors and eligible charities. Even so, the design principles follow those used for nonprofit web design with the exception of adding a “Donation” feature – this group doesn’t handle any monies directly. This website was a fairly simple design aimed primarily at communication and FAQs.


  • Responsive
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Clean and simple to manage
  • Based on WordPress Twenty Seventeen theme.