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SAGE Energy

Name: SAGE Energy Client: SAGE Energy Inc. Category: small business, contractor Website: SAGE Energy

The site

SAGE Energy is a service business operating out of Windsor, NS. The brainchild of Stephanie’s husband, Rob, SAGE was started in 2010. Stephanie is co-owner of this business, and runs the office and back end of the business.

It is because of this partnership that Stephanie’s experience with web design grew so quickly. Over the years, the website (and the business) has evolved through many stages and variations, and that evolution is something that needs to be reflected in the website’s design and flow.

The challenge: contractor web design

SAGE Energy operates in a niche field in the renewable energy industry, an industry that is still relatively new. As a small contractor business with big dreams, one of the challenges is in continually evolving the website in a way that reflects the constant evolution of the service business, while maintaining a level of familiarity.

The solution

Working on¬†a wordpress base and a variety of themes and CSS, SAGE Energy’s website continues to evolve and garner attention. Maintaining familiarity is done by continuation of color palettes and the logo, and the use of certain phrases that are specific to SAGE Energy and are recognized by our growing client base.


  • Responsive
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Clean
  • Corporate design (author: Softwebmedia)
  • Portfolio projects that showcase work in a unique, beautiful way
  • *Update 2017: online product catalogue added in subdomain.

oct sage logo