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West Hants Historical Society

Name: Nonprofit Society Client: West Hants Historical Society Category: nonprofit Website: WHHS

The site

The West Hants Historical Society is a nonprofit historical group based in Windsor, Nova Scotia. Their services include a museum, a genealogical department, and the operation of the Parks Canada-designated historic site of Fort Edward, the oldest surviving blockhouse in Canada.

The problem: museum web design

In 2011 they were facing (as many small rural charities do) a transition in membership, a dated website, and a web host that “seemed like a great idea at the time” which nobody wanted to manage. A great group with a diverse membership, they nevertheless lacked the necessary technical skills within their membership at that time. They also needed some direction for their logo and brand.

A solution

As a volunteer, this was one of my first experiences with a nonprofit website. Unlike many other nonprofits, the WHHS is a multi-faceted organization with several specific, varied needs, and it presented an intriguing challenge. As a group focused on historical preservation and cultivation, the website should try to match the overall intent of the group.

Since I became their web manager in 2011, we have evolved through several versions and designs, including a brief foray into e-commerce for some of their publications. In early January 2016, I released a brand new design which has a more contemporary feel, enables limited online purchases, has a member login area, among other great features. Their current site is clean, flows nicely and showcases their projects well, without clutter.


  • Responsive
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Clean
  • Focus on multiple projects
  • Member login area
  • Online publications catalogue