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Project Description

Restaurant Web Design


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Cocoa Pesto at the Woodshire Inn is a combination restaurant and B&B located in Windsor, Nova Scotia. The idea evolved from Cocoa Pesto Catering, a successful catering company run by husband-and-wife team Scott Geddes and Marilyn MacKay. They decided to develop their shared enthusiasm for wining and dining into a small business.


The challenge: Restaurant web design

The owners wanted a fresh, new look for their website for their restaurant, the Cocoa Pesto Bistro, which would also incorporate their B&B at the same location. Their existing website was *kinda* working–it was online and visible, but that was really the best that a visitor could say. The CMS was dated, the images small and difficult to see, and a great deal of the content was outdated. As a restaurant, their website needed to fully feature their menu in a way that would be easy to update and keep current. They needed, at minimum, a fresh look, a virtual menu, and a ton of new content.

The ideas brought forward while meeting with the clients for a unique and impactful restaurant web design offered a new challenge for me and I was happy to get involved. Together we created two websites (one for their restaurant, and a separate design for their catering business) that not only showcase their talent and passion, but are visually appealing and are generating good traffic.


The new website is clean, contemporary, and features both the restaurant menu as well as details of the B&B rooms available. Following the launch of the new site, traffic has increased dramatically.


  • Responsive
  • Mobile-friendly
  • A great twitter feed option
  • Beautifully clean and attractive (authors: boxystudio)