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Amazing work. Designs are custom made to complement and promote your business or charity.

Stephanie at Bright Webs was a lifesaver. She took my jumbled thoughts and wishes and turned them into a professional, accessible, successful website. Her high standards and attention to detail put me at ease. She has kept herself available as the business has grown and held my hand over all the bumps. Thank you Stephanie!
Steph is simply incredible. From her amazing listening skills, to her creativeness, and then her follow through, I have been amazed at every step of the way. I am so very proud of my new website and it’s all because of Brightwebs. It’s the only business I’d recommend!!!

Internationalization and your Website

What is Internationalization? The word “Internationalization” is often abbreviated to “i18n”, which is a numerym. “i18n” is used because there …

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UX Design & Accessibility

Accessibility should equal Usability for all. A design is only useful if it

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Font Carefully: How to Choose Fonts for Your Website

“You can’t choose your family, but you can choose your font family.” – Wix writer Choosing your font (or font …

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