Christmas Angels

The site

The Hants County Christmas Angels Society is a long-standing charity based in Windsor, Nova Scotia. Begun in the late 1970’s, it has undergone numerous changes over the years. Its annual Telethon is its primary fundraiser. The Christmas Angels raises money to help local families and children celebrate Christmas.

This site has been revamped and updated several times since I began managing it.

The challenge: nonprofit web design

When I began revamping the Christmas Angels website nearly four years ago, it was difficult to view and manage, and had had a number of security breaches. The content management system (CMS) hadn’t been updated in years–this, by the way, is a no-no in website management.

As with many nonprofits, a big part of the challenge is that the group consists of volunteers. It is often difficult to have a long-standing volunteer with the technical skills necessary to create or manage a website. Creating a website that has a lot of impact and yet is also reasonably easy to pass on to another volunteer’s hands is incredibly challenging.

In 2018, a new challenge was added when the group decided to live stream their annual Telethon. The hosting was upgraded to handle the projected traffic, and we are all very excited to see how many viewers tune in!

The solution

This website is still a work in progress, particularly as the group itself has passed their 40th year of operations and continues to evolve. One of their internal projects includes compiling a historical record of the actions and support the Christmas Angels has provided to the community since 1977.

And don’t forget, their annual Telethon is the first Sunday of every December! 🙂


  • Responsive
  • Theme designed specifically for nonprofits
  • Focus on donations and projects
  • Fast loading and clear calls to action
  • Live streaming added in 2018



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