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Fitness Junkies NS is a local fitness business with a flair for adventure! Owned and operated by Fitness Coach Super-Extraordinaire, Kathy Johnston, the Fitness Junkies of Windsor NS are an incredible community of strong, empowered individuals.

The website

Fitness web design is an area filled with lots of dark, usually “shouty” themes and sweaty, muscle-rippling bodies. Fitness Junkies NS, which promotes an active, all-around healthy lifestyle (as opposed to just weight loss or getting those washboard abs). And there’s no sense in pushing a website design onto a business that just doesn’t match that design.

The website is hosted on squarespace, which is a popular platform for web hosting. For the record, squarespace is not my favourite platform. I find it limiting in terms of design. I also don’t like that they want to charge extra for features that I think should be universal. However, in this case we opted to keep the existing subscription and just “tweak” it a bit!

I streamlined the navigation and the overall flow of the site. We added an online calendar that participants can subscribe to for classes. Then we added the necessary paperwork links and a selection of engaging photos. I kept the design clean and straightforward, and the mobile version was easy to use and appropriate for various devices.

I also maximized the included squarespace settings for analytics and SEO. Over the next few months we’ll gradually add a few new features as well. Be sure to keep up with the Fitness Junkies NS website!


  • Responsive
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Clean design
  • Squarespace platform

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